Best Outfits For The Weekend Include Athleisure

Do you find yourself doing a wild mix of activities on the weekend, from catching up on errands and attempting to fulfill your to-do list, to spending time with family & friends and trying to get enough rest & relaxation before the busy week ahead? So many things to do in such a short period of time leads us to believe athleisure is our #1 best outfit choice for the weekend.

Athleisure clothing is comfortable, versatile, & keeps up with our active lifestyles.

Imagine taking that relaxing yoga class in the morning, going shopping, going out to lunch, completing your chores at home, and then winding down with family/friends for the evening - all this while looking and feeling fresh in the same athleisure outfit you put on in the morning.

Maybe you’ve got other plans. If you’re not staying for the weekend locally, then no problem. Sometimes weekends require travel, and athleisure clothing is still perfectly suited for the occasion. Check out our blog on why athleisure is the perfect clothing choice when traveling. Click to read our past blog.

Athleisure solves so many of our fashion problems! “Sounds too good to be true” would have been our reply many years ago, but with so many stylish, high performance items on the market, we think you’ll have no issue picking the perfect outfit for the weekend with athleisure wear. Many athleisure clothing items include moisture wicking technology and wrinkle resistant materials for ultimate clothing performance.

Our ViSH NYC luxe athleisure collection includes versatile designs made of high performance materials. Choose from tops, bottoms, dresses, and outerwear. View the ViSH collection here to complete the perfect weekend outfit.

Check out this laid-back casual look by ViSH NYC luxe athleisure.

casual athleisure outfit by vish nyc

(Model is wearing the Fleur Jacket & Bellflower Pants)

We know that some weekends deserve something more elegant when there’s a special occasion and you’re going out to a restaurant or party. For this, just change your shoes from sneakers to heels and your athleisure outfit can work for more formal events. Another option is to opt for our made-to-order Birthday Dress.

Check out this fitted fancy look by ViSH NYC luxe athleisure.

formal athleisure outfit by vish nyc

(Model is wearing the Birthday Dress)

So what does the weekend have in store for you? Whatever your plans, we think a stylish athleisure outfit is the perfect weekend wardrobe solution! Shop our ViSH NYC athleisure collection or contact us today.