Experience Style & Comfort With The Right Materials

Ever notice how the right clothing material can make all the difference in your day, bringing together style and comfort? At ViSH NYC we've experienced this first hand with our latest luxe athleisure collection and we think once anyone feels the difference, it’s sometimes hard to go back to wearing non-athleisure wear. Luckily our styles are super versatile!

So what’s the big deal and what’s the big craze with luxe athleisure? While you’ll have to wear it yourself from morning to night to really understand, we’ll try to explain.

Athleisure clothing feels good and looks good when you first put on, but the real magic is when you’re out and about, in motion. Going from the office to lunch, shopping, gym, and any stops in between - it’s during this time & movement that you experience comfort with the form fitting clothing moving naturally with your body. An added bonus is when you go home at the end of the day and realize that your outfit still looks good and has kept its shape after so many hours. Overall, it just makes you feel good - both inside and out.

We know that the right material in clothing makes all the difference in how we look and feel. Which is why many of our ViSH NYC clothing items are made with polyester and spandex materials, combining a luxury look and comfortable feel. Several items also include max-dri moisture wicking technology and are wrinkle-free. All these features of the material work together adding confidence and style to its wearers.

Our latest luxe athleisure collection features materials that are sourced in the USA and made in the garment district of NYC. While we understand why many companies choose production overseas, we’re local to the area and want to support our design & fashion community. Working closely with our partners, we can guarantee the highest quality materials and craftsmanship for our clothing line. We know it’s the details that matter, but we also know that it all starts with the materials we choose to use.

Check out our ViSH NYC athleisure collection featuring tops, jackets, skirts, pants, and dresses. All items combine beauty and function for optimal fashion.

Our lifestyles are blurring the lines between work and play, casual and formal styles, and accomplishing both comfort and high performance. For these reasons, it’s no wonder we keep coming back to wearing athleisure outfits nearly every day of the week.

For this week’s unpredictable weather, may we suggest the Vish NYC Poppy Top Sweatshirt ($275) & Iris Legging Pants ($195)?