Fabric Focus and Educate

ViSh takes pride in manufacturing top quality garments while keeping in mind the comfort of our valued customers! Our Athleisure consists of an innovative poly mesh material. Let’s break down the makeup of this advanced design so you can  wear ViSH with confidence!

  • Description for Technology Mesh infused Lining:  
  • - High-Performance Moisture management Jersey Mesh for activewear, sportswear, cycle wear and endless other uses.
  • - This premium quality Wicko active mesh keeps skin dry and has a great feel to the skin.
  • - Spand-Tek Compression Max-Dri Wicking infused 

We also work with Polyester and spandex giving you that form fitting body love. Let’s not leave out the minor details, zippers play a huge role in the diverse style of ViSH. We made sure that they are lead and nickel free, custom with our logo! 

ViSH gives you the capability to look stunning while keeping you on your A-game. Now you have the main ingredients to our secret sauce! Enjoy your drip without dripping a sweat!