Make Your Life Easier: Create Capsule Wardrobe With Versatile Fashion

Less is more with a carefully selected capsule wardrobe, but be sure to select pieces that are versatile in fashion. Afterall, versatile fashion like the ViSH NYC luxe athleisure collection can make your life easier with pieces that can be worn with either heels or sneakers, keeping up with your busy lifestyle.

Most of us find that our closets are full of many outfits but we only wear a select few over and over again. Consider cleaning up your wardrobe and ensuring you’ve got your essential pieces that are versatile, fashionable, and timeless. Learn more about the capsule wardrobe in the Washington Post.

The perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe is our ViSH NYC luxe athleisure collection. You’ll never have to sacrifice fashion for comfort again.

versatile style with vish nyc athleisure dress

Less is more.

The time for spring cleaning is almost here, so consider tidying your closet to focus on what you actually wear and donate the outfits that you don’t. After organizing, you may have less pieces hanging in your closet but the ones left are those that truly matter.

Improve organization.

With less junk in your closet and more space for what you actually wear, you’ll feel fresh and organized each morning. Imagine waking up and having no trouble finding an outfit. A capsule wardrobe removes the excess and leaves only the pieces that matter and give you confidence.

A few pieces, a lot of uses.

Make sure your capsule wardrobe includes versatile pieces. Our high performance materials coupled with our expert craftsmanship, allow our ViSH NYC luxe athleisure collection to be worn from day to night, from the office to the gym, and from formal to casual settings.

Invest in your look.

Choose quality over quantity. Start thinking of fashion as an investment in your look that will serve for many seasons rather than just one. Any high quality and timelessly stylish garment will serve you long term and is worth the extra money spent upfront.

According to the Washington Post:
Ultimately, your investments will pay off. You’ll spend less time and money replacing and updating items, and you’ll eliminate the time and energy spent churning through the endless cycle of buying clothes, wearing them for a few months, and then donating or selling items you no longer like or wear. And because you’ve invested in high-quality, timeless pieces, you’ll also be less likely to make impulse purchases.”

Check out our ViSH NYC Seasonless Collection that’s perfect for any time of year. You’ll look great and feel great - many pieces are made with a poly / spandex blend that keeps its shape and creates a form-fitting look that compliments your body.

So are you ready to simplify your life and create a capsule wardrobe? Shop ViSH NYC online or contact us to speak with our team.