Seoul, Korea X Vish NYC 6.17

There’s something magnificent about the energy in Seoul. The sophisticated, technologically driven city is the perfect place to debut garments from @vishnyc new collection. Getting a chance to collaboration with artist singer/songwriter Lexz Pryde on her performance was a sure way to bring some attention to this luxury athleisure line.  

The innovative polymesh material was designed for people on the go. Vish likes to eliminate excuses when it comes to getting physical activity. Festival goers really seemed to grasp this concept. Receiving positive feedback from the crowd and the festival’s performer’s. “I Really love getting to work with a brand that studies their craft.” “Vish knows how to fit your body in other ways gym clothes do not.” Says Lexz Pryde (performer) “Their all black ensembles are the perfect staple for every closet.”

“It’s the future for wardrobe, combining luxury with comfort.” “People enjoy feeling comfortable and looking stylish with minimal effort.” 

Dj Los De La Vega took the stage with Lexz Pryde and later in the night stole the show with rapper Rick Ross. When asked about a mens line we are told there is one in the works. 

“I enjoy having the opportunity to share what’s next  in the fashion world.” Says Lexz “ culture is really based on having the ability to adapt, and I was able to witness the adaptability with Vish here in South Korea.”  “Everyone asked what I was wearing!”