The Perfect Clothing for Traveling is Athleisure

Whether packing for a business trip or a vacation, luxe athleisure wear is the perfect clothing for your travels. Luxe athleisure outfits are comfortable, have versatile styles from day to night, and many items are made with wrinkle resistant materials. Form meets function in fashion & design with luxe athleisure.

lexz pryde wearing vish athleisure dress and pants

Think of how many times you’ve been stressed while packing for a trip - trying to pick and choose which items to bring and overstuffing your bag because you’re not sure which items are best for the occasion. Yes you need some casual items, but you plan on going out so you need some clothing that is formal, too. Overstuffed bags make for wrinkled wear which is no fun either. You’ve got limited time on your trip so why would you want to spend it ironing your clothes or stressing over which outfit to wear?

We’ve all been there, trying to decide what to bring on a trip and then while on the trip trying to decide what to actually wear. Packing for our journeys away from home can be easier with luxe athleisure which solves many of the problems mentioned above. Travel + Leisure recommends packing by outfit rather than individual items to ensure that you’ll wear all that you bring. Consider mix and matching our ViSH items for the perfect outfit.

Our ViSH NYC Collection is designed and made in the USA (designed and made in NYC), it looks like it’s off the runway but feels like it could be used at the gym. All items are comfortable to wear so if you’re on the plane, sightseeing, exploring a new town, or cuddling by the fire - you’ll feel good in the materials you’re in.

The expert tailoring, attention to detail, and timelessly elegant designs make our luxe athleisure collection appropriate for all settings. This is especially great while on vacation, because you don’t know where you’ll end up and don’t want to be limited by what you wear. Wear from day to night, and casual to formal while feeling and looking your best!

More benefits - many clothing items from our ViSH NYC collection are made of a wrinkle resistant polyester and spandex blend. This makes for easy packing and great transitions between your activities throughout the day, with your outfit keeping a fresh look. Additionally, our form fitting items keep their shape so you can wear from morning until evening with confidence.

Less stress and more confidence - this is what you deserve. Check out our ViSH luxe athleisure wear which is perfect for traveling. It feels like athletic wear yet looks like your next best outfit. Shop our collection of tops, bottoms, and dresses. You can also make an appointment to come out to our NYC studio for custom luxe athleisure outfits, made just for you and your style. Contact us for more details.

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