Generation Workout

It seems the more we evolve the more we understand the importance of taking care of ourselves. People are grasping the concept of making healthy adjustments and incorporating them into their everyday lifestyle. Grabbing a fresh pressed juice post workout is a great and convenient  way to receive valuable nutrients. While in transit, listening to an informative or inspirational podcast can really impact a positive mood. The importance of putting your focus on unifying the mind, body and spirit is proven to be a great investment in self. When you start achieving benefits from making these positive choices, this lifestyle will have you wanting to indulge more and more. 

 Because of this new aged lore of self care, athleisure is becoming a staple in the fashion industry. People are really embracing this way of life. Practicality and comfort seem to make the most sense to modern day consumers. 17% of the apparel market hold a spot for activewear and there are no signs of it slowing down. 

Celebrities like Kanye West are making it the norm to represent sporty and comfortable fashion. It seems every time we turn our heads the latest headlines, newsletters and fashion magazines are discussing Health and fitness. Some find they are struggling to keep up with this fast paced way of being. On the upside we’re living in a world where people are striving to reach their full potential while getting healthy and fit. A generation who is proving it really is about survival of the fittest. Get your latest athleisure at ViSH!