2019 Trends in Spring & Summer Fashion

Gather round - Spring is here and with it new trends in spring and summer fashion. At ViSH NYC, we’ve scoured fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Vogue, and more to find that the following will most definitely be on trend these spring and summer seasons of 2019.

2019 Spring and Summer Trends

Fun Tailored Wear

Tailored suits offer a professional and expertly crafted look. But wear suits in fun colors or pair a tailored jacket with shorts, and you’ve got a spring/summer look that brings together your one-of-a-kind personality with your great sense of style for a well-put-together outfit.

Bicycle Shorts and Bermuda Shorts

Longer shorts balance out a playful look with modest coverage, allowing for a versatile outfit that can be worn for going out or staying in. While bicycle shorts allow for more flexibility in movement and activity, bermuda shorts offer a more polished look.

Boiler Suits

This one simple piece creates a complete outfit for a polished, powerful look of a woman on a mission. The effortless look is easy to pull together and offers comfort that allows you to focus on what matters most instead of worrying about what you’re going to wear.

Beautiful Bows

A touch of femininity with a bow or multiple bows brings a whole new meaning to an outfit. From dresses with bows, belts with bows, straps with bows - the slight addition of a carefully placed bow or two, easily softens your style. Just don’t overdo it!

Color Blocking

Multiple solid colors in an outfit is nothing new, but this spring and summer season, vibrant colors from head to toe can create a bold look that exudes determination and confidence. The color palette is wide so have some fun creating a personalized look.

So what will you wear this season?

Spring and summer are a lively time, so it’s no wonder the upcoming spring and summer fashion trends have a touch of fun to liven up your wardrobe. These 2019 warm weather looks blend our active lifestyles with our desire to be unique, feel good, and look good. These popular styles may be worth trying and adding to your capsule wardrobe.

While fashion designs come and go, we have a feeling some of the above trends may creep well into the fall season. Afterall, good fashion becomes timeless, much like our ViSH NYC Seasonless Collection with luxe athleisure that never goes out of style. Beautiful, comfortable outfits in versatile styles, ensure you look great from the office to the gym. View our athletic wear in many flexible designs or contact us to learn more.